HealthLinks Charleston July/August 2021

www. Char l es tonPhys i c i ans . com | www.Hea l thL i nksChar l es ton . com | 59 She said she often notices during her busy days that she isn’t really breathing. “You would be amazed how much taking a deep breathe can help clear your mind and calm you down,” she pointed out. Dr. DeCastro also reiterated the vital importance of self- care: “What do you like to do? Don’t feel guilty about doing something that makes you happy. You have to learn to care for yourself. You aren’t doing anyone in your family any good if you aren’t taking care of yourself.” And then there is the issue of social media. Dr. DeCastro suggested “unplugging” more often as well. “I have noticed that many of my patients aren’t sleeping well, and it is because of what they hear on the news or on a social media platform. Get in the habit of turning that off. Read a good book and just try to distance yourself from all that stress,” she said. Having a relationship with a primary care doctor like Dr. DeCastro can help uncover underlying conditions that affect mood. “It could be sleep apnea. For women, it could be heavy periods. Let us find out what is going on. Some health issues will actually overlap and affect mood,” she noted. She said the movement into telehealth has been a positive advancement, pointing out that “more therapists are utiliz- ing telemedicine for appointments, and that has made more people willing to seek help who were once hesitant due to the stigma with mental illness.” Primary care doctors can help find other resources, such as addiction services or support groups. “The main thing that patients need to know is that they don’t have to live with depression and anxiety. We are here to help them. Just say the word,” Dr. DeCastro concluded. To learn more about Dr. DeCastro at Palmetto Proactive, visit or call 843-900-6580. C H A R L E S T ON COU N T Y M E D I C A L S OC I E T Y HealthLinks Charleston is a proud partner of the Charleston County Medical Society. For more information on joining CCMS, contact Dana Holladay at