HealthLinks Charleston May/June 2022

www. Char l es tonPhys i c i ans . com | www.Hea l thL i nksChar l es ton . com | 37 WHAT MADE YOU WANT TO GO INTO YOUR SPECIALTY? “Colon cancer screenings truly do save lives, and I get to participate in that process every day as a gastroenterologist. Also, so many folks in our community deal with debilitating gastrointestinal issues daily, which can sometimes take years to accurately diagnose and treat. Many of my patients have symptoms such as trouble tolerating a certain diet, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, abdominal bloating or abnormal bowel habits, and these symptoms can be a sign of an underlying illness. I strive to figure this out for them and improve their overall health. As a gastroenterologist, I can make a tangible impact on my patients’ quality of life and give them the time and energy they deserve to invest in their family, friends and other life endeavors.” HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN IN BUSINESS OR BEEN WITH THE COMPANY? “I spent three years of general internal medicine training at Vanderbilt University, followed by an additional three years of specialized gastroenterology and hepatology training at MUSC before joining Palmetto Digestive Health Specialists. I have been on the team at Palmetto Digestive Health Specialists for the last four years, and I plan on remaining with this amazing organization for the duration of my professional career.” WHAT ARE YOU MOST PASSIONATE ABOUT OUTSIDE OF WORK? “This is an easy question to answer. I am most passionate about my family. My wife, Ansley, and I met and began dating while at Porter-Gaud School 20 years ago. We have three perfect – well, not all the time – children who make every single day rewarding. Without my family’s love and support, I would not be who I am today. I feel so blessed to have them by my side every single day.” WHY DO YOU LIKE ABOUT LIVING IN THE LOWCOUNTRY? “The Lowcountry offers many obvious wonderful things such as the marshes, waterways, beaches, wildlife, fishing, weather and golfing. I most enjoy it here because my family resides here also. My parents live in Mount Pleasant, and my wife’s parents live in West Ashley. Having them near allows us to maintain a close-knit bond that makes living in the Lowcountry so much more special to me.” WHERE ARE YOU FROM? TELL US ABOUT YOUR BACKGROUND. “I was born in Durham, North Carolina, at Duke University Hospital. My family later moved outside of Washington D.C., where I attended middle school and started high school. We eventually moved to Charleston before my junior year of high school, and I am a proud graduate of Porter-Gaud School. I spent my college and medical training years at Vanderbilt University before coming back to the Lowcountry for good in 2012 to complete my gastrointestinal fellowship training at MUSC.” WHAT DID YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU WERE A KID? “I have been a diehard Duke Blue Devil fan since birth. My youth was consumed by basketball. So I would have to say a professional basketball player.” DR. DEREK FEUSSNER OF PALMETTO DIGESTIVE HEALTH SPECIALISTS Best Gastroenterologist