HealthLinks Charleston May/June 2022

www. Char l es tonPhys i c i ans . com | www.Hea l thL i nksChar l es ton . com | 45 WHAT MAKES THE TEAM CHEMISTRY SPECIAL? “We are blessed to have many team members who have been a part of the Charleston Allergy + Asthma family for 30 years or more. The fact that we view our work team as a family overflows into the way we care for and serve our patients.” HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN IN BUSINESS OR BEEN WITH THE COMPANY? “Our team members have been proudly serving the Lowcountry for more than 30 years. Our practice officially came to life when Dr. Ball and Dr. Harper saw the opportunity to join forces in caring for their patients, offering a wider range of care to individuals throughout Charleston and beyond. Since then, we're proud to have grown to a team of six board-certified allergists, serving the Lowcountry in three convenient locations.” TELL US ABOUT ONE OF YOUR PATIENTS’ SUCCESS STORIES. “The best part of our job is hearing how our patients' lives have been transformed through the care they receive from our team. One that is top of mind is Jessica, a patient of ours who has learned how to better manage her food allergies. At the initial signs of food allergy reactions, her mother brought her to our board-certified allergists. Through allergy testing and oral immunotherapy, Jessica has shared, ‘The biggest thing that I've gotten from being a patient here is confidence in how to handle my allergies.’” WHAT ARE YOU ALL LOOKING FORWARD TO IN 2022? “This year has already been an incredible year for our practice so far, including the launch of our updated logo and a brand-new website. We're excited for the opportunity to continue serving patients here in the Lowcountry. As one of the top growing regions in the United States, we have new neighbors coming each day who experience allergy symptoms that they have never encountered before. We're grateful to give them a warm welcome with dependable, compassionate care they can count on.” TELL US SOMETHING NOBODY KNOWS ABOUT YOUR PRACTICE. “Many locals may not realize that we are the only certified pollen counting center in the Lowcountry! Each day, our team collects pollen data and counts the amount to provide an accurate, up-to-date report to news stations and weather centers. You can follow our pollen count on our website.” CHARLESTON ALLERGY + ASTHMA Best Allergy Center