HealthLinks Charleston May/June 2022

50 | www. Char l es tonPhys i c i ans . com | www.Hea l thL i nksChar l es ton . com BEST NICU MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children's Hospital provides pediatric care with a focus on convenience for parents and comprehensive care for children from birth to 18 years of age. The hospital approaches the unique needs of children with everything from specialized medicines to trained pediatric professionals. BEST NURSE Karen Lloyd of Roper St. Francis Healthcare is confident in her skills and knowledge and extends that information to her patients to make them comfortable and confident in her care. BEST NURSERY It isn’t infantile to want only the best care, and that’s why HealthLinks’ readers have chosen two for best nursery. Roper St. Francis Healthcare cultivates a warm and caring setting to provide compassionate, quality health care. Recognizing that every baby is unique, Summerville Medical Center strives to provide individualized support and care to all its patients. BEST NURSING SCHOOL The MUSC College of Nursing is in a class by itself. It has a long history of preparing professional nurses to care, cure and create new knowledge. It educates hundreds of students a year, preparing them to shape the future of health care. BEST OB-GYN When it comes to care for women, you deserve the best. Dr. Lara Wilson of Lowcountry OB/GYN has been providing OB and gynecology medicine for years, with particular interest in HPV treatment and preconceptual counseling. BEST OB-GYN PRACTICE Lowcountry OB/GYN recognizes that all its patients are unique, so it offers complete obstetric and gynecologic services for all patients in all stages of life. Even same-day appointments are available. BEST ONCOLOGIST For cancer treatment, the best needs to be “oncol.” That’s why HealthLinks readers have found two great doctors in South Carolina. The passionate Dr. Julia Saylors of Charleston Oncology takes a healing-oriented approach to creating treatment plans for her patients. Dr. Yanis Bellil of Lowcountry Hematology & Oncology is board-certified in internal medicine and medical oncology and has conducted clinical research focused on lung cancer. BEST OPTHALMOLOGIST For in-focus care, go to Dr. George Waring IV, founder and medical director of the Waring Vision Institute. His commitment to research and education, expertise in refractive and cataract surgery and years of experience may be a few of the reasons he was voted the best! BEST OPTOMETRIST With great care you can “visualize” a happier you. Dr. Ellesse Boiwka of The Vision Center at Seaside Farms has a passion for taking care of her patients, delivering cutting-edge services and providing information on medical and visual concerns. BEST ORAL SURGEON You don’t have to face issues in your mouth alone. Dr. Kevin Riker of Charleston Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery can address oral problems with surgical intervention, treating teeth, gums and other oral structures. BEST ORTHODONTIST Don't delay getting a smile you'll smile about! Dr. James Kelley II and Dr. Roberta Z. Gardner of Kelley & Gardner Orthodontics are diplomats of the American Board of Orthodontics so you can rest assured that you are getting the best Oral Health Care possible! BEST ORTHOPEDIC DOCTOR Ready “ortho” not, a healthier, more mobile you is possible! Dr. Daniel Wartinbee of South Carolina Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center has focused on upper extremities, working with world-renowned experts to learn more about hand, wrist, forearm and elbow pathology and how to improve the quality of life for his patients. BEST PAIN MANAGEMENT DOCTOR With experience training and teaching orthopaedic residents and medical students and personal experience as an athlete, Dr. Emily Darr of South Carolina Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center is experienced in helping patients young and old get on their path to restored function. BEST PAIN MANAGEMENT PRACTICE When dealing with pain, finding great care should be the thing that’s painless. The goal at South Carolina Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center is to provide patients with high-quality care, fully-explained and treatment options, a caring staff and a wellequipped facility.