HealthLinks Charleston May/June 2022

www. Char l es tonPhys i c i ans . com | www.Hea l thL i nksChar l es ton . com | 71 Compliments of HHK Healthcare Marketing. Need the best medical marketing team in the Southeast? | DOCTORS YOU SHOULD KNOW! - SPOTLIGHT ON CHARLESTON PRACTICES - F. Patterson Owings, MD Hand Surgeon, Lowcountry Orthopaedics Dr. F. Patterson Owings is an Or t hopaed i c Su rgeon who specializes in hand and upper-extremity surgery. Dr. Owings completed his surgical residency at Emory University, and his fellowship in Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery at the Campbell Clinic in Memphis, Tennessee. Shelly Shand, MD Hematology Oncology, Charleston Oncology Shelly Shand, MD graduated from the UGA and earned her Doctorate of Medicine from Mercer University School of Medicine. She completed her internship and residency in InternalMedicine at theUniversity of Utah, where she was selected as a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society for her gifted teaching and scholarship. Dr. Shand completed her fellowship in hematology and medical oncology at the Lomba rd i Comprehens i ve Cancer Center at Georgetown University Hospital. She has led clinical research at the forefront of oncology including clinical trial and protocol development in breast cancer, immune therapy, and melanoma. having to order a guide. … I can put my implant in without having to do a gross dissection of that tissue, without having to pull the tissue back to see the bone,” he asserted. “I know where the bone is because the robot’s telling me where the bone is.” He said that most people are candidates for a dental implant, except for those with osteoporosis or individuals undergoing cancer treatments, which prohibits healing. Dr. Kotary guarantees his dental implants for life because they are made from the highest quality materials by premier brands. Dr. Kotary, who also trains dentists learning to use Yomi®, summarized the robotic implant approach this way: “It just adds a layer of precision and sophistication that we haven’t seen in dentistry. It’s a static robot; it doesn’t do anything on its own. It doesn’t move. It just gives me visual, haptic and audial feedback to know exactly where I’m going.” For more information on Dr. Kotary and the Yomi®, visit Photo by Mark Staff.