HealthLinks Charleston Sept/Oct 2022

8 | www. Char l es tonPhys i c i ans . com | www.Hea l thL i nksChar l es ton . com 15 | SCHOOL STRESS: AT THE EDGE OF A MENTAL BREAKDOWN “The current young adult population has seen a lot of instability in their lifetimes. The future feels uncertain to them and many of their parents – so they try to study their way to success.”— Dr. Sara Marcino 19 | WHEN CANCER IS A FAMILY EXPERIENCE Currently, 3.8 million women in the United States are battling breast cancer, and the numbers are increasing by about 0.5% each year. The importance of the support of family members cannot be underestimated. 24 | IS 'GOING NATURAL' A NEW AND LASTING TREND? When the pandemic closed beauty salons, many people responded with an increased interest in natural do-it-yourself beauty care. 28 | TELEHEALTH FOR MENTAL HEALTH: A VITAL RESOURCE IN ACCESSING MENTAL WELLNESS CARE The rise in tele-mental health use is inextricably linked to COVID. The pandemic severely limited in-person services, creating the need for an alternative treatment delivery option. 33 | A KIDNEY TRANSPLANT JOURNEY A resident of Greer, Linda Burns has been fighting kidney failure for four years. It has been an up and down battle with incredible successes and disappointing setbacks. 43 | ANSWERS STRAIGHT FROM A DENTIST’S MOUTH Read how Dr. Daniel Knause of Southern Laser Dentistry cares for his own teeth. 47 | A LEGACY OF LOVE – THE BARBARA MOWERY STORY The mother, wife and beloved school administrator witnessed her school community uplift her and her family as she fought ovarian cancer. 50 | WHAT TO DO ABOUT BOO BOOS Remedies and treatments for some of the most common injuries. 53 | SUPPORTING DENTAL HEALTH FOR PATIENTS WITH HIV The new Ryan White Dental Clinic at Roper St. Francis Healthcare seeks not only to serve people who are underinsured but also to care for HIV/AIDS patients who could potentially die from a regular dental checkup. 60 | SLEEP SAFE Some ideas to keep your little ones secure while they snooze. The American Academy of Pediatrics has issued new guidelines for babies. Issue 11.5 SEPT/OCT 2022 CHARLESTON FEATURES