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POWER UP CARDIO QUEST Are you prepared to break through mental & physical barriers in your quest for next level fitness or athletic goals? WELCOME TO OUR SMALL GROUP PROGRAM (3-5 PARTICIPANTS) IN THE SUPER-FUNCTIONAL NEXT WAVE STUDIO FEATURING • JACOBS LADDER • SKI ERG • ASSAULT BIKE • HIT-MILL • ROWER • POWER PLATE • KEISER • CORE-TEX AND MORE... TRAIN WITH HIGHLY SKILLED, ENCOURAGING AND MOTIVATED TRAINERS TRAIN TWICE A WEEK: 45-MINUTE WORKOUTS, STARTING APRIL 4 Monday/Wednesday at 7am | Wednesday/Friday at 12pm ONGOING PROGRAM, ACCESS WITH YOUR *PUNCH CARD: 4 workouts $40 | 8 workouts $64 10 workouts $75 Non-Members must also purchase a guest pass for each workout. Participants will be provided with recovery suggestions and activities to maintain high energy levels and training consistency. NEW PROGRAM

www.We l l nes sCenterMagaz i ne. com | 1 There’s Nothing Better Than Working Out Together Building a Solid Training Foundation for Long-Term Fitness and Health Success TRX® Workout Pickleball: Just Plain Fun “The Life Aquatic” Follow Us on Facebook Become a Member 2 | 6 | 8 | 10 | 12 | 15 | 16 | TABLE OF CONTENTS Cover photo by Mark Staff Photography. Dusty Jackson MS in Kinesiology, BS in Exercise and Sport Science, UGA; TRX; YogaFit; American Red Cross; Cancer Exercise Training Institute; National Academy of Sports Medicine; and National Strength and Conditioning Association certified. A few fun facts about Dusty: • I am a giant UGA football fan. It is where I went to school and also was blessed to work there full time in my career. (SEC Champions!) • I enjoy getting in the outdoors and often will use my weekend and vacation time to get outside and hike some new trails. • I am always down to get in a good workout! Please feel free to ask me to join in anytime. • I have a 1-year-old chocolate lab named Myers. She is wild and definitely keeps life interesting and expensive with her constant chewing habits. What goals do you have in your new role? I’m focused on our members and their satisfaction and happiness with this place. We want people to have a positive experience when they walk through the door. This should be the best part of their day. We will continue to research and look at how to change things and be innovative to reach our current members, those who may be intimidated to come to the gym or those who may not even know about us yet. I want to make sure we continue to have that one stop shop with multiple offerings where everybody is welcome. There is more success to come and more lives to change! Describe your MUSC Wellness Center team and your future plans together. The team is absolutely fantastic. Everybody is super passionate about helping others reach their health goals and live a better life. We have an extremely diverse and intelligent team who come from different backgrounds and are able to contribute from their areas of expertise to overall help reach that mission. Moving forward, I want us to keep that passion and be able to develop programs that enhance the facility so we are best able to serve our students, employees and the surrounding Charleston area. We are going to put out things that help people live their healthiest lives. With this team, we will be able to help reach that mission and get people through the doors. MEET OUR NEWDIRECTOR Dusty Jackson What should motivate people to be in the gym daily? I think there are a few factors. Figure out the purpose and the why. Figure out why you want to get physically healthy, whether that’s to live longer and play with your kids or whether that’s to feel better throughout the day. Another factor is trying different things and figuring out what you like to do. As long as you are moving and figuring out something you like doing you’re more likely going to stick with it. If you don’t know where to start, we have a great team of personal trainers and group fitness instructors that can help guide you on your path and lead you where you want to go. Enjoy reading the second edition of the MUSC Wellness Center magazine! Watch the full interview with Dusty:

2 | www.We l l nes sCenterMagaz i ne. com THERE’S NOTHING BETTER THAN WORKING OUT TOGETHER Photo by Mark Staff Photography.

www.We l l nes sCenterMagaz i ne. com | 3 Born from the desire to prevent disease and injuries and continuously evolving to meet the demands of changing physical interests, group exercise has been the choice of millions to help them achieve their fitness and wellness goals. Trained and certified instructors lead challenging, effective and safe workouts by emphasizing good form, utilizing motivating music and challenging participants to push just a little harder. Group exercise classes are an opportunity to develop camaraderie and rapport with fellow enthusiasts. The flow and energy of a group class motivates participants to push a little harder and finish stronger. Finding a class you enjoy increases the likelihood that you will keep coming back. But did you know behind every class is research, science, preparation and a team to ensure your success? The MUSC Wellness Center has the largest group exercise program in the greater Charleston area. After taking over a phenomenally successful group exercise program, James Johnson – a highly-awarded 39-year veteran of group exercise and former national aerobic club champion – made establishing continuing education for group exercise his priority. His dedication to the program has allowed the Wellness Center to: • Train and hire preeminent instructors from across the country; • Develop and promote numerous MUSC-branded classes such as “Cardio Power Hour,” “Strength & Conditioning,” and “Movement & Mobility”; • Launch national platforms with a high level of success. Photo by Mark Staff Photography.

4 | www.We l l nes sCenterMagaz i ne. com The goal of the MUSC Wellness Center’s group exercise program is to serve the greater Charleston area with the safest, most effective, enjoyable and science-based group training experience possible. The program requires a considerable team effort, and we owe a debt of gratitude to Lillie Schulten, the Wellness Center’s group exercise manager, who rose to the unique challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and endeavored to provide remote group exercise classes for members. As we recover from the impact of COVID-19, Lillie continues to ensure that group exercise offers a variety of classes for all interests and abilities. Many of our members have found our group exercise classes to be more effective than individual workouts. Building community encourages accountability, which improves the consistency and motivation necessary to accomplish your personal fitness and wellness goals. “Group classes offer a benefit to all levels from beginner to advanced exercisers, and help develop relationships among students, members, and the community,” says Dusty Jackson, Director of the MUSC Wellness Center. “We always encourage members to stay connected with instructors who are there for you 10 minutes before the start of the class. ‘What limitations do you have today? What options should you consider? How should you stay hydrated during the class?’ Talk to them! They are so knowledgeable, and they are there for you,” says Johnson. Schulten calls group exercise classes “the hidden gem” of the Wellness Center. She points out that while many fitness facilities charge extra for group exercise sessions, the Wellness Center’s classes are included with every membership. “The beauty of group exercise is that it accommodates all fitness levels. Start where you are comfortable; strength and flexibility come with time and consistency,” says Schulten. The Wellness Center recently added Myzone technology to further improve our members’ group exercise experience. Myzone is a wearable fitness tracker that displays the user’s heart rate, intensity and calories on a large screen. Instant feedback tells the wearer when to ease off or step up as each zone is entered. “It’s a great tool for participants to reach their maximum and for instructors to keep everyone on their correct and safe working levels,” adds Johnson. Myzone is an excellent example of how technology and group settings can be utilized to encourage members to reach new goals in their fitness journey. Photo by Mark Staff Photography.

www.We l l nes sCenterMagaz i ne. com | 5 For more information regarding group exercise email Lillie Schulten at [email protected]. To view our group exercise schedule, visit our website at OTHER BENEFITS OF GROUP EXERCISE PHYSICAL BENEFITS From Pilates and yoga to cycling, swimming and dance, there is something for just about everyone. Classes incorporate strength, core, flexibility, mobility and cardio. The variety of classes also provides an excellent opportunity to incorporate cross-training into your routine, which promotes conditioning of various muscle groups and can help prevent or rehabilitate injuries, promote recovery, enhance agility and prevent boredom. MENTAL BENEFITS Staying active can help reduce or eliminate stress, anxiety and feelings of depression. This is important because chronic stress has the potential to increase your risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and mental health issues. Stress also escalates the amount of cortisol in your body, which, over time, raises blood sugar levels and increases the risk of type 2 diabetes. Participating in group exercise has the added benefit of releasing endorphins outside of physical exertion. Smiling, talking with others and encouraging each other through a challenging exercise triggers a release of hormones that provides an additional boost. SOCIAL BENEFITS Group exercise is an opportunity to build community and interact with others who have interests similar to yours. With group exercise, other people’s energy often can motivate you to challenge yourself and be accountable. Group exercise classes can ease the challenges of starting and maintaining a fitness regime by providing an external motivator and experienced guidance. SENIOR BENEFITS Older adults receive the same physical, social and mental benefits as younger people, but there also are benefits that are especially advantageous for senior citizens. For example, regular activity can improve or help maintain cognitive and immune functions. Group exercise instructors focus on functional movements to improve balance and coordination, which can reduce the risk of falls and help you stay independent for as long as possible. In addition, older adults sometimes are prone to feelings of isolation and loneliness. Group exercise provides a safe, controlled environment to socialize and be part of a community. ◆ ONE-STOP-SHOP FOR STATE-OF-THE-ART STUDIOS The MUSC Wellness Center is home to a main studio, yoga and Pilates studio, cycle studio, boxing studio, rooftop functional training zone and water aerobics pool. All classes are included in your membership or guest pass.

6 | www.We l l nes sCenterMagaz i ne. com BUILDING A SOLID TRAINING FOUNDATION FOR LONG-TERM FITNESS AND HEALTH SUCCESS James began his coaching/training career part-time in 1983 as a track and field and cross country assistant under Dennis Mitchell and as a dancer/dance exercise instructor under the tutelage of Deanna Priday.. At the same time, he was pursuing his undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering with an emphasis in cardiopulmonary studies and biophysical measurements. In 1985, he added personal training and strength coaching certifications under the leadership of John Boyd Ph.D. (exercise physiology) while working as a clinical engineer, competing as a track and field athlete and training middle distance and endurance athletes. In 1994, James gave up fulltime clinical and research engineering to focus on performance enhancement training. He came to the MUSC Wellness Center in 1999 and has been a highly accomplished instructor/trainer/ coach from post-rehab to performance enhancement across the athletic and performance artist spectrum. Having a strong training foundation for fitness and health will set you on the path to continued success in meeting your goals — and help minimize injuries along the way. Featuring James Johnson, director of scienced-based programming and group exercise at the MUSC Wellness Center. Photo by Mark Staff Photography.

www.We l l nes sCenterMagaz i ne. com | 7 The experienced and knowledgeable trainers at the MUSC Wellness Center can help you develop a solid training foundation for life using a science and evidence-based approach to training. The ultimate goal is to incorporate fitness as a part of your daily lifestyle. At the onset of your training regimen, our trainers will do a fitness assessment and consultation to determine your fitness and health goals. History shows that goals tend to change over time as you progress, so Wellness Center staff will do regularly scheduled assessments. This science and evidence-based approach to training is deeply rooted in the fundamental human movement patterns and the joint-by-joint approach to training. Fundamental human movement patterns influence the way we perform exercises. The joint-by-joint approach determines where the movement and power are generated and should be stabilized. For a more in-depth understanding of a joint-by-joint approach, refer to the first edition of the MUSC Wellness Center magazine. Other key components of any training and fitness program are cardio, effective record keeping, consistency and variety. Everyone needs to have a solid foundational cardiovascular base. This foundational base allows you to have the energy to sustain your training and perform enough work to continually progress. Your cardio can include walking, jogging, running, climbing or no-impact exercises such as swimming, cycling, rowing or gliding. Accurate training records and recovery charts help you to track your progress and determine how often and how hard you should train on any given day. We often tell our trainees that the reason you get better is because of what you do, but you don’t actually get better until you recover from what you do. To monitor your recovery, track your true resting heart rate, body temperature and perceived rate of recovery on a scale of 1 to 10 when you wake up. Changes in any one or combination of all three indicate changes in your body. For instance, if your resting heart rate starts to decrease, your conditioning is improving. If your perceived recovery levels start to go down, you are not recovering and need to focus on your recovery rather than training harder. This recovery chart takes the guesswork out of your frequency and intensity of training on any given day. It may not align with your availability given our busy lifestyles, but the science-based approach will help you to find optimal times and intensities to train. Consistency and variety are two keys to achieving your goals, and one tends to feed the other. Having variety will keep you engaged, motivated, and, when combined with consistency, will help you see measurable results. Getting started is always the hardest part of any lifestyle change. Utilizing our highly-skilled training staff to help design and teach you the foundational needs of a health and fitness regimen is a great way to break through the “getting started” process. The health and fitness assessment developed by MUSC Wellness Center’s Next Wave team will help to fine-tune any training program developed by our Wellness Center training staff. ◆ For more information or to sign up for an assessment,email Galen Bennett at [email protected]

8 | www.We l l nes sCenterMagaz i ne. com How it works? Using a TRX® trainer, repeat 15 reps of each exercise for three-five sets. Warm-up before beginning your training session We have TRX trainers throughout our facility, from our rooftop functional training zone to our cardio and free weight rooms to our group exercise studios. Come in and enhance your workout with suspension training! TRX® WORKOUT Workouts designed by our trainers to help YOU reach YOUR fitness goals. Why suspension training? (1) Prevent injuries and build strength, (2) Improve mobility and flexibility, (3) Reduce excessive stress on muscles and joints. 15 ROWS 15 BICEP CURLS 15 REVERSE FLYES WITH OUR NEWDIRECTOR

www.We l l nes sCenterMagaz i ne. com | 9 15 REVERSE LUNGES (EACH LEG) 15 SECOND PLANK (STANDING OR FEET IN HANDLES) 15 JUMP SQUATS 15 PUSH-UPS 15 SUPERMEN 15 BURPEES VIDEO TOWORKOUT Disclaimer: exercise at your own risk. Before starting any new exercise program, please chaeck with your doctor and clear any exercise changes with them before beginning.

10 | www.We l l nes sCenterMagaz i ne. com One of the fastest-growing games in the nation could be one you have never heard of. And, if you have heard it mentioned, you may ask yourself why its name is so perplexing. The game is pickleball, and it’s sweeping the nation and the greater Charleston area. For those that are unfamiliar with it, pickleball is a paddle sport that combines many elements of tennis, badminton and pingpong. USA Pickleball’s What is Pickleball resource page provides a throughout breakdown of the game. CHSToday currently lists 16 playing sites in the Charleston area, including the MUSC Wellness Center, which is home to seven courts, four on the rooftop and three indoors. Members have the luxury of reserving outdoor courts for private play, and the facility hosts open play throughout the week. Beginner clinics are offered on a regular basis, and Professional Pickleball Registry (PPR) certified staff are regularly on-site to assist members during open play. A student-led Pickleball Club also just started. The Wellness Center has observed a significant increase in the number of players who participate in pickleball programs which reflects national trends. A 2021 report from the Sports and Fitness Association named pickleball the fastest growing sport in the United States, with approximately 4.2 million players – a 21.3% increase over the past three years. How do you explain the popularity of pickleball? Simply take a look at who is playing the game, the ease of access to places to play and the many benefits that come from participating in this reasonably recent form of fun and exercise. PICKLEBALL: JUST PLAIN FUN Photo by Mark Staff Photography. Photo by Mark Staff Photography.

www.We l l nes sCenterMagaz i ne. com | 11 WHO IS PLAYING? Everyone! Pickleball can be played by people of all ages and skill levels. The rules are simple, and the game is easy for beginners to learn, but it also can develop into quick, fast-paced, competition for experienced players. The passion for the game grows exponentially as players hone their technique and develop their strategy. Pickleball is one of the few sports where anyone can execute the same shots and encounter the same dramatic triumphs and frustrations as the best players in the world. Underdogs are ever present, and an understanding of game strategy can be just as important as physical ability. For instance, Wellness Center players have witnessed a Division-1 collegiate athlete lose to a member 50 years older through better tactical play. EASE OF ACCESS Pickleball can be played in a variety of settings, ranging from private clubs to public parks. The cost of the sport is relatively low and only a minimum amount of equipment is required. The Wellness Center provides balls, paddles and nets to its members and guests. Many groups are utilizing technology to drive interest and organize play. For example, the Team Reach app has served as a vital tool in identifying where pickleball is being played and who is playing. In addition, several websites and other apps help those seeking locations to play, such as the USA Pickleball’s Places 2 Play. THE BENEFITS OF PLAYING PICKLEBALL Pickleball offers a healthy dose of physical activity, leading to positive outcomes such as increases in physical and mental capacity, decreases in chronic disease, improved self-esteem and stress reduction. The brain gets a good workout as well; pickleball’s tactics and game strategy have been compared to that of chess. The game also lets participants “find their flow.” This phenomenon, also known as “getting in the zone,” has been scientifically proven to enhance confidence, happiness and meaning of life. At all levels of play, the social nature of pickleball creates community through shared activity. Like other social games, such as golf, it is best enjoyed in the company of others. Many open-play formats at area courts and facilities encourage players to change partners frequently and compete against those of similar abilities. AND LET’S NOT FORGET THAT PICKLEBALL IS JUST PLAIN FUN! Several of the Wellness Center members have echoed the benefits of pickleball: Henry Baird, a medical student, wrote: “I’ve always found it is very important to have an outlet for the stress that accompanies a rigorous curriculum. The MUSC Wellness Center’s pickleball facilities and equipment have been especially impactful for me. Pickleball is not only great exercise and fun but also a social and community-centered sport that allows my classmates and myself to catch up and vent while we play. I’m so grateful that the Wellness Center provides resources like these for students outside of the classroom so that we can succeed inside the classroom.” Nancy Whitaker, a member since 2004, said: “I enjoy the pool and Group-X classes. Yet as an aging adult, it’s been pickleball that has benefited me the most. It’s not only for the love of the sport – it’s the special friendships I have experienced that make my heart smile. Everyone is so encouraging and helpful. If you want to have some fun, join us – but beware: You may become obsessed!” ◆ February 2022 beginner pickleball clinic.

12 | www.We l l nes sCenterMagaz i ne. com MUSC Wellness Center swim instructor Kathleen Wilson likes to say that she has “been privileged to live four distinct lives.” In addition to helping raise two kids, Wilson is a classically-trained musician who has spent 31 years as a professional harpist, played harp with the Charleston Symphony Orchestra and performed at more than 6,000 private functions. On the aquatic side, she has accomplished incredible athletic feats, including becoming the first person from South Carolina to swim the English Channel. “I had zero sprinting prowess,” recalled Wilson of the motivation behind her shift to open water swimming. What she does possess is cardiovascular endurance and an adventurous, indomitable spirit. Wilson has been in the water for events ranging from 10 miles to 36 miles, each taking anywhere from four to 21 hours. “I’ve had perfect conditions as well as miserable conditions,” she said. As if all this wasn’t impressive enough, Wilson also spent a 12year stint in public service as a three-term city councilwoman for the city of Charleston. “I didn’t want to be bored,” quipped Wilson, who currently serves as vice chair as a commissioner of public works for the Charleston Water System. In 2018, the sports facet of her life culminated with Wilson’s induction into the South Carolina Athletic Hall of Fame. She has run the Olympic torch and received the prestigious Order of the Palmetto, the state’s highest civilian honor, which recognizes a lifetime of extraordinary achievements, service and contributions. “Sports have been very good to me,” reflected Wilson. “That’s where my heart is.” SWIM LESSONS FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS Wilson, who has accrued 48 years of swim practice, shares her extensive firsthand knowledge, experience and passion for the water with the public at the Wellness Center’s 25-meter pool, By Colin McCandless SWIM INSTRUCTOR AND WORLD CLASS SWIMMING TALENT SHARES EXPERTISE AND PASSION FOR THE WATER. “THE LIFE AQUATIC”

www.We l l nes sCenterMagaz i ne. com | 13 which is open to members, students and nonmembers – who pay a daily drop-in rate. She offers swimming lessons to everyone from novices to elite swimmers. “I get the whole gamut, which I really enjoy,” she said. Wilson typically arranges a one-time assessment lesson – $30 for 40 minutes – to determine a person’s needs. That could include a number of things, from a first swim lesson to stroke refinement to competing for a triathlon or training for an open-water swim. If clients wish, the next step entails moving on to a package of lessons, each one specifically designed to help them accomplish their goals. Nicki Carter can attest to the value of this method of learning: “I had never taken formal swim lessons, so entering swimming lessons at 40 years old was initially intimidating for me; however, after just five minutes in the pool with Kathleen, I was already at ease, and, after only four half-hour sessions, I had a completely new stroke and level of comfort in the pool than ever. Kathleen was encouraging, inspiring, motivating and empowering.” Water training provides numerous benefits, according to Wilson: It takes pressure off joints; its two components of buoyancy and resistance make it perfect for strength training; and it can help people recover from injuries. She added that perhaps the biggest benefit is “in water, you can’t fall and get hurt.” Swimming is also fantastic for cross training. People often work their lower body through activities such as running, cycling and Pilates, said Wilson, while swimming provides a great way to strengthen and exercise your upper body, in addition to improving your cardiovascular fitness and conditioning. The Wellness Center also features the Student Swim Club, designed specifically for students who have competed at some point, whether on a recreation team, in high school or in college. The idea is to “swim and have fun in an organized fashion,” remarked Wilson. There is no competition, just a workout that “gets the heart rate up.” Wilson relishes the opportunity to engage with a cohort who understands stroke terminology. “We speak the same language,” she noted. “We speak swimmer.” SWIMMING AS A PART OF OVERALL HEALTH AND WELLNESS The water has remained a powerful draw for Wilson, who still begins every weekday swimming for a couple of hours, beginning at 5:45 a.m. Her impressive routine includes several days a week in the weight room and a focus on shoulder therapy exercises and recovery throughout the week. The Wellness Center pool is not geared solely toward competitive swimming and training for events; it’s about overall health and wellness. “The pool is there – it’s open. We’d love to have members take advantage of all it offers,” Wilson emphasized. Wilson will continue conveying her expertise and enthusiasm to whomever comes in seeking swimming instruction, regardless of skill level. “It’s a tremendous love of the water, and I try to share it with as many people as I possibly can,” stated Wilson. “The value of teaching a person to swim, a life skill, cannot be quantified in dollars and cents.” ◆ Wellness Center Pool: 25-Meters, 7 Lanes Locker Rooms, Sauna, Steam. Swim Assessment: $30 for 40 Minutes Email Kathleen Wilson at [email protected] to schedule your assessment.

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16 | www.We l l nes sCenterMagaz i ne. com The Wellness Center is open to the entire community and anyone 18 years and older can become a member. Please stop by for a complimentary tour or call us 843-792-5757, and we will be happy to tell you about our many affordable membership options. • Community Memberships • MUSC Employee Memberships • Corporate Memberships • Day Passes • Week Passes • Month Passes • 3-Month Memberships • Wellness Pass Book Improve your health, build life-long relationships, push past barriers, and find a place to call home Take your next step with us in your journey to a healthier life. BECOME A MEMBER! You can now register online for community or MUSC employee memberships!

Wellness Center HOME OF YOUR I MPACT FUL L I F E S T Y L E JOURNEY M A G A Z I N E MUSC LIVE WITHOUT PAIN A UNIQUE APPROACH TO TRAINING WHY TOGETHER IS BETTER For information contact: [email protected] INCLUDES: ◆ DESIGN & LAYOUT ◆ ARTICLES ◆ COPY EDITING ◆ PHOTOGRAPHY ◆ DIGITAL & PRINT PUBLISHING ◆ DIRECT MAIL CUSTOM PUBLISHING FOR YOUR PRACTICE OR BUSINESS BRING YOUR ORGANIZATION TO LIFE WITH A CUSTOM PUBLICATION FROM We offer a wide range of training specialties including: • General Fitness and Weight Management • Sports Athletic Training • Post Rehabilitation • Seniors/Healthy Aging • Chronic Disease Management PERSONAL TRAINING PROGRAMS ARE CUSTOMIZED FOR ALL LEVELS AND GOALS! Contact Alicia O’Connor, Director of Personal Training, for questions or specific information requests at [email protected] WATCH OUR VIDEO to learn more and get started! The MUSC Personal training team uses the latest fitness and health research to develop training programs that will make you feel stronger, healthier, and able to continue your favorite activities for the rest of your life.

YOUR HEALTH IS OUR MISSION BE OUR GUEST - YOUR FIRST VISIT IS ON US! For more information on the MUSC Wellness Center, visit or call 843-792-5757. • Cardio Room With Over 70 Cardio Machines • Free Weight Area 6900 Square Feet • 25-Meter Pool • Boxing Studio • Cycle Studio • Pilates Studio • Yoga Studio • Rooftop Sports Deck and Functional Training Zone • Indoor and Rooftop Running Tracks • Racquetball, Squash, Pickleball, Tennis, Basketball • Sauna and Steam Rooms • Access to All Group Exercise Classes YOUR GUEST PASS INCLUDES: FREE guest pass is ONLY valid with the official hard copy magazine. Digital copies or self-printed copies are not valid for offer. Each magazine can only be used for one guest pass and only one pass per person The holder of this pass MUST present a valid government issued ID if this is their first visit to the facility. Members and guests of the MUSC Wellness Center must be 18 years of age and older. - - - FREE GUEST PASS FR PA S Free guest pass offer expires December 31, 2022